Horatio Robinson Storer, M.D. (1830-1922)

This website provides information about Dr. Storer including his extensive writings and his efforts starting American Gynecology and the Physicians' Crusade Against Abortion.

Links related to Storer and the Physicians' Crusade

Links related to Dr. Storer and the Physicians’ Crusade

 AMA Report on Criminal Abortion, 1859


 19th Century state abortion laws probably allowed you to be born



The AMA Documents that Led to the Laws Overturned by Roe v

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Physicians’ Crusade: Chapter 1: Fervent Physician Pleas for the Unborn.



Physicians’ Crusade: Chapter 22: Chicago Expose

Read Chapter 22

The Physician's Crusade Against Abortion

Frederick N. Dyer -- The Physicians' Crusade for the Unborn


Pro-Life-Physician Horatio Robinson Storer: Your ... - Abortion Essays



How Abortion Became Illegal in the United States

The Lecture that Started the Successful "Physicians' Crusade ...


Horatio Robinson Storer, MD and the Physicians - University Faculty ...

The following, “Horatio Robinson Storer, M.D. and the Physicians’ Crusade Against Abortion,”was presented at the February meeting of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.




 Foeticide, or Criminal Abortion

A lecture that was given by Dr. Hugh L. Hodge in 1839 and again in 1854 to medical students at the University of Pennsylvania.

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